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’Nutshell knowledge’ on the choice of cots and furniture. - Safety of children's furniture For many parents, this criterion of choosing children’s furniture is crucial. At this point, we have to reassure you. All the safety issues are governed by the applicable legislation. Polish and European standards for baby cots determine characteristics of wooden beds for children, as well as their technical specifications:

The selection criteria for baby cot and crib

  • Distance between bars in a cot
  • Maximum height of mattress in a cot
  • Type of rounding borders
  • Load resistance of a cot

Cots approved for sale on the Polish market are certified, which gives the parent an important clue about safety of a cot and its manufacturer.

Polish furniture manufacturers attach great importance to the quality of their products (children’s beds, dressers, cradles, etc.), leading in children's furniture manufacturing industry on the European market.

- Functionality of baby cots

Baby cots have a bunch of functions, proportional to the price. A typical solution is a 3-step adjustment of a mattress in a baby cot. Moreover, you might see cots with folding side or cots that have removable bars. Optionally, manufacturers provide cots with a storage for bedding (linen drawer), or add cradle option to a cot.

- Dimensions of baby cots

Cots can be normally found in two sizes:

120 × 60 Cots and 140 × 70 Cots

Most of additional accessories, such as mattress for cot or baby bedding, is made in these two sizes. Of course, manufacturers understood the needs of future and current parents, increasing range of children's furniture with

180 × 90 baby cots and 200 × 90 baby cots

- Proper installation of a baby cot

The majority of children's furniture is delivered in the "install it yourself" form. It is worth to devote a little more time for this activity. We need to make sure that the cot where our baby will sleep is properly installed (according to the installation instructions of baby cots and other elements of children’s room) and, thus, safe.


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